Pretoria Technical High School
Fimen Laboris Respice


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School Times

Mondays – Fridays 07:30 – 14:00

Each school day consists of 7 periods with 2 breaks


At Pretoria Technical High School

We have pride in our motto

Finem Laboris Respice

Work well before you rest

We labour for our God, our nation and our land

In love and duty bound, united we shall stand.

We love the hum of machinery

We love the clouds above

We also love our duty

With firm, enduring love

Our motto is to serve

Our country and our school

With firm belief and trust in our God above

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School fees for 2019 – R15 400.00:

  • Payment in full by end of February - discount of 10% will be allowed on the tuition fees
  • Ten equal payments by means of cash, EFT, credit or debit cards starting from 1 January to October(for tuition only)
  • A stop order at the bank to run from 1 January to October for ten equal amounts for tuition

Banking Details

Account name: Pretoria Technical High School
Bank: Absa Bank
Branch code: 335345
Account no: 010157072
Ref: childs name & surname or admin no
Shift code: Absazajjcpt – overseas payments

Dress Code

Summer: 1 September – 30 April

Shirt: White open neck, short sleeves with the school badge embroidered on the pocket (Boys and girls)
Trousers: Boys - Grey shorts or long trousers as available at the school shop
Trousers: Girls - Navy blue long trousers
Socks: Boys - Grey socks
Socks: Girls - White socks
Shoes: Boys - Black leather school shoes with laces
Shoes: Girls - Black leather school shoes with buckle
Belt: Black leather

Winter: 1 May – 31 August

Blazers: School blazer
Jersey: Red V-neck school jersey or Red V-neck pullover (boys and girls)
Tie: Grade 8 – 11: Navy blue with school badge
Tie: Grade 12: Navy blue with school badge and X (boys & girls)


Diary & Rule

School Diary and Rules

School Diary
At the beginning of each new academic year, all PTHS learners and staff receive a school diary. Everything is printed in the diary including;

  • School calendar with dates
  • Timetable
  • PTHS staff
  • Code of Honour
  • School anthem
  • School rules
  • Uniform
  • Responsibilities of learners and parents
  • Important dates and meetings
  • Tests and exam

School Rules

Please see the school diary – page 6 to 9

Mr Brink - Discipline officer can be contacted on 012 343 2357 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.