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About Pretoria Technical High School




Origins lie at the Technical College in Church Street in 1904. School section later moved to Central Pretoria.
After many years the school moved to the present premises in Park Street with sporting facilities.

We offer a calm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for learners to study. Pretoria Technical High School is a
vocationally, oriented school and therefore attracts learners from the entire greater Tshwane Region and
hosts a wide and well integrated multi cultural group of learners.

Admission is according to Gauteng Department of Education guidelines. The school assists with work placements,
scholarships and bursaries. Since 1993 a pass rate of well over the Gauteng Department of Education average.
The school was rated the Top Technical High School for the last four years.

This school attempts to prepare its learners for careers in science and technology as well as technicians or engineers.
Learners are generally admitted to the school at the beginning of the Grade 8 year; in exceptional cases applicants
in higher grades are considered e.g. when a child is from a Technical High School in another province.



"A child without an education, is a child without a future"







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